Generation: Handmaid

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum


To assist with further distracting yourself online.
Let us know if you have a good one.

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Everyday Feminism (my favorite resource, an intersectional feminist online magazine)
Hollaback! (an international resource for your legal rights regarding street harassment)
The Womansplainer (this is literally my new favorite website, please share and link and generally love with me)
America’s Abortion Clinics – and interactive map that allows you to find the nearest clinic to your zip code and sort via insurance restrictions and the like.
Emily’s List ( includes a great flowchart tracking the 2012 GOP War on Women)
Days Without a GOP Rape Mention
The New Women’s Movement

Collaboratives and Campaigns

This is not an invitation to rape me
White Ribbon Campaign
Men Against Sexual Assault and Rape
Silver Ribbon Campaign
No Means No Campaign
Respect, Protect, Reject
Purple Ribbon Campaign
Young Feminist Taskforce
We Can Stop It
Women Are Watching
Stand With Servicewomen
See Jane
Wild Soul Movement

Installations and Art Projects

Oh Joy Sex Toy (Absolutely NSFW!)
The Kevlar Kimono Project
Stop Telling Women To Smile
Carol Rossetti Design
Robot Hugs
Rejected Princesses

Facebook Groups

Strong, Intelligent Women Choosing Equality & Freedom Instead Of Religion
A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World

Women are not property. Sex is not a contract.
This is Personal
Maiden Nation


Feminist Fatale
My Body The City
The Opinioness of the World
Feminist Frequency
Gender Across Borders (no longer publishing, but still an arsenal of great stuff)
The Crunk Feminist Collective
Fledgling Feminist
Feminist Ryan Gosling (this is a joke.)

Extremely Leftist Publications

The Huffington Post
Mother Jones
Jezebel Online
Angry Black Lady Chronicles
Reality has a Liberal Bias (this is also a joke.)


Women’s Rights Subreddit
Microaggressions Blog
Feminist Open Forum


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