At the end of a crappy couple of weeks, I figure we would all do well to have our spirits lifted.  So let me ask you, who runs the world?

When Hilary Clinton spoke out regarding the recent Hobby Lobby ruling, she said that the turning tides are “deeply disturbing” and that we have started down a “slippery slope.”  The Ready for Hilary committee later made a statement asking all people who are willing to take a stand for women’s rights to stand by her as a potential 2016 candidate.

However, Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed that this stance is simply a desperate attempt to claim a demographic of voters that also helped Obama get elected, which Watters has dubbed the “Beyoncé” vote, due to her song entitled “Single Ladies.

The dismissal of Queen Bey aside, the belittling nature of his comments were generally not appreciate by a sizable number of people.  Soon thereafter, Tumblr had a pretty amazing response.











Paul Ryan






This one is my favorite.


HELL yeah.

So, who runs the world?  Women Beyonce The internet, apparently.

“Girls, felt-skirted as I knew from pictures, later in mini skirts, then pants, then one earring, spiky green-streaked hair.”

-Margaret Atwood, Generation Handmaid