On this day, January 1, 2013, I want to take a moment to revisit the best and worst websites I had the pleasure of discovering this past year.  A lot of research goes in to each and every post, and blogging has brought me to many interesting corners of the internet relevant to our cause.  So, in honor of the new year, let’s take a moment to salute what 2012 left for us.


#5 STFU Feminists Tumblr

This is a seemingly dead Tumblr account I came across when writing about the feminist stereotype.  It’s basically the average argument of sexism is all in our heads as women naturally differ from men.  The worst part to me is that the blog is kept by a woman – way to show solidarity, sister.

#4 Christian Men’s Defense Network

I learned of this blog when reading on reactions regarding Obama’s re-election in November.  Ironically, this blog that used to apparently praise the superiority and power of men actually took down their posts and stopped publishing once they received some scrutiny.  You can still see some of what it originally wrote about pro-life and pro-equality unmarried feminists in the Gawker article Fact-Checking the Slut Vote with the Christian Men’s Defense Network.  All that remains now is advice from man to man on what to do if your Christian wife cheats on you – evidently, the answer lies with reading bible verses and reminding yourself that women can’t rationalize and that the only reason she cheated (as allowed by the bible) is lust.  Sadly, it offers no advice on how to deal with a cheating non-Christian wife.

#3 Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology

To be completely honest, I’m a little impressed by how linked-in this guy is.  He has articles, he has videos, he has “entitlement princess” awards, he’s got a whole arsenal of the best hate mail he’s received.  This website is essentially trying to cultivate proof that women suck.  He must get up very early in the morning.

#2 Men Are Better Than Women

This guy is a balls to the wall, no holds barred misogynist asshole.  He has an entire working website with frequent blog posts ripe with sexism and homophobia, with “no women allowed” echoing from every corner.  The only reason this guy didn’t make #1 is because I’m not 100% sure he isn’t a troll.  The site got my blood boiling, so if he’s a troll, it worked.

#1 Boycott American Women

Yes, do not buy American women.  We work too much, don’t put out enough and don’t act like it’s the 1950’s anymore.  This blog made #1 because of all the approving emails and solidarity it has received from other men.  They encourage other American men to find foreign trophy wives, mostly based on the fact that American women are “most likely to get fat, steal your money, not want to have kids, cheat on you, etc.”  Essentially, this blog is saying that the only good traits about a woman that would make you want to date or marry her are how 1950’s housewife-y she is – how often she cooks and cleans for you, how submissive she is, etc.  No skin off my back, however, because I have no desire to marry them either.

And, so we can end on a happy note:

BEST (and funniest) OF THE INTERNET 2012

#5 Feminist Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, this is a visual internet meme sensation, Ryan Gosling poses for the camera and says something progressive and feminist.  This is done purely in jest, but it’s funny and (if you ask me) at least brings up interesting, albeit pretentious, ideas.

#4 Days Without A GOP Rape Mention

I found out about this all third hand – I reblogged a funny blog from Feminema talking about snarky article titles on Jezebel, one of them saying “New site tracks number of days since a Republican said something shitty about rape.”  Apparently the idea came from a sketch Stephen Colbert did – it’s really funny and makes a really good point.  As of today, Jan. 1st 2013 at 9pm Mountain Standard Time, it has been a whole 54 days.

#3 “Nice Guys” of OKCupid

I now check this Tumblr every day.  It is really funny to see how many douches out there advertise themselves on the internet.  The webmistress also makes a good point about the “nice guy” epidemic these days – “nice” guys who only befriend women in the hopes that sex or a relationship will arise from their friendship, who claim that girls as good as “had it coming” if their boyfriend cheats on or abuses them because they didn’t pick the “nice” guy to whom they aren’t attracted at all.  She gets a lot of hate mail and reblogs that too – I sent her a nice email and a link to Jenna Marbles’ “Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last” video.

#2 The Arizona Browncoats

I wrote about these guys on Christmas Eve – the Arizona Browncoats are a group of Joss Whedon fans who organize screenings of Serenity, nerd about their favorite show, and donate their proceeds to international women’s efforts.  I have now discovered, post-publishing, that the Browncoats have a faction in several states.  I’ve done some reading and there is something decidedly cheery about the Browncoats – two amazing things, science fiction and feminism, together at last.

And, my personal choice for the Best of the Internet 2012 –

#1 The Upworthy

Yes, I know that the Upworthy wasn’t created this year, but I discovered it this year, and it compiles the most viral and important stories on the internet and not only republishes them in a single convenient place for their readers to discover, but will send you the  most notable three stories per week to your email.  Not only do they help important articles, charts, and videos regarding women’s rights, but also regarding gay rights, the economy, the Occupy Movement, and other political and social phenomenon.  The Upworthy is probably one of my favorite online news sources now, and I encourage you to check them out.

“The door of the room – not my room, I refuse to say my – is not locked. In fact it doesn’t shut properly. I go out into the polished hallway, which has a runner down the center, dusty pink. Like a path through the forest, like a carpet for royalty, it shows me the way.”

-Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale