Obama: He got ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain’t one!

So we at Generation Handmaid have a lot of conservative and religious friends and family members (this would be us being open-minded enough to coexist with people we don’t necessarily see eye to eye with).  The night of November 6th, Facebook and similar social media sights were absolutely molten with election-related stats and rants.  Since we rub shoulders with the other side, this means that we saw a great deal of negative reactions to the final electoral counts.  Phrases such as “stick your heads back in the sand” or “thanks for ruining my country, everyone” and the like were seen.

In the election aftermath, stories and articles were swirling the interwebs pointing the finger at the Electoral College voting system for re-electing Obama (the same method that got Bush in office, but whatever) until it was realized that Obama very marginally also won the popular vote and that the Electoral College was not to blame this time.  I also saw articles that made such claims as saying that Romney lost because he was too moderate, and other articles that claimed Romney lost by being too right-wing.  Articles are pointing fingers at urban voters, non-white voters, etc.  But the overall trend is this – women are to blame for Obama’s re-election.


I hear that young, unmarried women are to blame for Romney losing and of course my mind immediately goes here (photo from The Upworthy):

But when the conservative and religious populace hears that young, unmarried women are responsible for Romney’s loss, they immediately picture this (photo from Our Fearless Leader):

Looks like petticoat rule is alive and kicking, boys!

They aren’t stopping at just sulking about it.  Fox News seemed to insinuate that unmarried women are so obsessed with sex, aborting the resulting fetuses, and the like that we can’t be bothered to care for children and demand free birth control.  You can see one such article here – Fox and their followers just aren’t having it.

That’s not the worst one, however – check out this article written in response to a blog found on the Christian Men’s Defense Network (that’s a real blog, on this very blog host website, but they have since removed most of their posts once the backlash started.  Nice…) which called the populace that gave Obama the edge over Romney the “slut vote.”  Evidently, we voted for Obama so we can preserve the “right to slut” without any consequences, because young and unmarried women want to have it all, and “having it all” equates having a great deal of unregulated sex.  You can still see some of the original claims of the particular post with some lovely (albeit snarky) responses here: Fact-Checking the ‘Slut Vote’ with the Christian Men’s Defense Network.

The problem with making this kind of claim is that you sound exactly like a pouty jackass – you make the claims that women aren’t smart enough to vote or even understand the major issues, you claim that the morals and ideals of “sluts” are going to ruin the fabric of your Christian society, and these claims simply sound like the tearful Livejournal of any man who opposed suffrage in the 1920’s.  Here are a few of my favorite arguments this blogger made:

“One thing one has to remember about women, especially slutty ones: They usually don’t make decisions based on reason. ”

“Sane societies don’t let women get involved in government.”

This is why the “slut vote” swayed the tides in the election – it’s the sexist and unevolved mindset that belongs in the past trying to find its footing in 2012 (and embarrassing itself in the process).  Times are changing.  If you desperately want your ideals to exist in this society, it’s time to live your life a certain way, with respect to your religion, and KEEP MISOGYNISTIC POLITICS OUT OF IT.  You can be as holy and sexist as you want with your religious and subservient wife, but if you try and get in the way of me calling my own shots, you’ll get this blog, this culture of young feminists, this generation of young women voters standing up to the GOP, and the dread Democrat Obama re-elected.   Not to mention that everyone thinks you’re an asshole.

Sorry boys, but the sluts have spoken.

“The crimes of others are a secret language among us. Through them we show ourselves what we might be capable of, after all. This is not a popular announcement.”

-Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale