I think everyone has an opinion on the recent presidential debates.

The internet is buzzing with articles regarding who “won” each individual debate.  We’ll see how the foreign policy debate turns out, which is streaming live on Youtube as I type.  But I want to turn our focus onto the domestic policy debate, in which the candidates discussed many things but did not pay due respect to domestic issues such as marriage equality and women’s healthcare.

When analyzed, it appears that Romney essentially “won” the domestic policy debate simply by being the better speaker that time around.  However, when the response from voters (as shown via Twitter, etc) shows that each candidate appealed to a different demographic of the country in spite of this.  Romney consistently addressing the “middle class” and “jobs” resonated mostly with white male voters, which Obama repeated phrases regarding “education” and “health care” resonated specifically with female voters.

These statistics extend beyond the reaction to the debate and into the support for each candidate’s entire platform.  Romney, due to his economic plans, has won the love and support of white American males.  Obama, while hailed by the female community, has the lowest support numbers amongst white American males.  Recent polls have Obama trailing Romney among white men with college degrees by 13 points and by white men without college degrees by nearly 30.”  http://www.theroot.com/blogs/bill-clinton/bill-clinton-speech-recap, http://www.theroot.com/blogs/white-male-voters-and-obama/romney-won-debate-sort

The reality of America under Romney is that any law or establishment that assists women in engaging in sex without the possibility of resulting childbirth.  This includes insurance provided birth control, access to inexpensive clinics such as Planned Parenthood, and abortion on demand and without apology. Romney has already sworn to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood, something that actually does a great deal to inconvenience women and very little to end abortion since abortion make up very little of Planned Parenthood’s services (see below).  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/election-2012/wp/2012/10/10/romney-ill-be-a-pro-life-president/

Check it out:

And yet,

And for further reading pleasure: A total ban on abortion?

Ergo, it only stands to reason that the women’s vote will (for the most part) stand with Obama.  However, since Al Gore in 2000, the support of white male non-college educated voters has stood firmly with the right.  Why is this?  It’s not as if there is a series of laws restricting the reproductive rights of white men that the Romney beast has sworn to protect.  The following passage from a DataLounge thread explains what I feared:

“It could also be that the blue-collar men have been more receptive (especially in the face of tough economic times) to the right’s unrelenting efforts to create culturally based resentment of Obama. Conservative leaders, news outlets and commentators have taken countless opportunities to add to their preferred caricature of Obama as a radical leftist eager to settle old racial scores on behalf of black America. The more subtle voices have simply pushed the idea that there’s something distinctly un-American about Obama’s policies. It may be that all of this has had an effect beyond the hardcore Republican base.”  http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ajax.html?t=11521244#page:showThread,11521244

So, if you boil it down, the left is losing the support of uneducated white men because progressiveness regarding civil rights and such is not “American enough.”  Men have become so accustomed to being on top (believe me, no pun intended) that when the playing field threatens to level, they react in opposition of “ruining America.”  This includes homosexuals, women, people of color, and countless other disenfranchised groups that are accustomed to being considered members of the unspoken second class.

This can be reflected in so many aspects of American culture:

  • In movies, strong female characters that are good at their jobs or roles are consistently “neutralized,” either by becoming a victim or becoming romantically/sexually involved with the male main character in order to keep the male viewers from feeling threatened or emasculated.
  • Men consistently complain that women receive “special treatment” on job sites in that they receive help in moving heavy items and the like when it remains true that a woman makes .70 to every dollar a man makes.
  • Women who become respected as equals amongst their circles of male friends do so by acting more masculine and discarding “feminine” traits, thus becoming “one of the guys” and evidently superior to other women by virtue of being more male.

So, in short, uneducated white males are throwing temper tantrums because they have to share (potentially why Romney is cranky he may get taxed an extra 5%).  To them I say, put on your big boy panties and learn to love thy neighbor.  Stop making excuses for why you personally deserve specialized treatment for being a white American male.  You are not being targeted.  You are not disenfranchised.  And trust me, making the same amount per hour as the women you work with will not make your penis any smaller.

Stand by your fellow citizens, everyone.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

“Nature demands variety, for men. It stands to reason, it’s part of the procreational strategy. It’s Nature’s plan.”

-Margret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

PS Please don’t complain to me about how you as a white male don’t fall into this category of voters, because if we are friends, I already know this and am not addressing you.