We at Generation: Handmaid have pointed out potential laws that could restrict women’s right to equal pay, birth control, safe and accessible abortion, etc.  We have also entertained the question, what sort of punishment would a woman be looking at if she sustained an abortion after they were made illegal?  Nobody has been able to give us, or anyone, a definitive answer…until now.

GOP Candidate Supports Life Sentences for Rape Victims Who Sustain Abortion

Guess that gives us some insight.

“The three bodies hang there, even with the white sacks over their heads looking curiously stretched, like chickens strung up by the necks in a meatshop window; like birds with their wings clipped, like flightless birds, wrecked angels. It’s hard to take your eyes off them. Beneath the hems of the dresses the feet dangle, two pairs of red shoes, one pair of blue. It it weren’t for the ropes and the sacks it could be a kind of dance, a ballet, caught by flash-camera: midair. They look arranged.”

-Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale