The gallery is up, ladies and gentleman, and we hope to say with as few clauses and distractions as possible what these new proposed bills and potential legislation could do to women. We are awaiting more pictures from our talented photographer Chris Novellino, and we want to extend the invitation to send pictures of your own to us with your own personal Handmaid role with regards to the GOP War on Women. Victoria Hermosilla’s own gargantuan list of laws, statements, actions, and mindsets that marginalize women make an excellent starting point for any Handmaid hopefuls.

Please check out our gallery to see the start of our visual protest.  We are proud to host the work of Chris Novellino photography and would also like to extend a warm thank-you to Caden Simmons for his digital editing work.

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”

-Margaret Atwood